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A birds eye view of other peoples (mis)fortunes.

bullet Rapscalion resites
bullet There's a warlock hunting you, but that's ok, you spotted some kit in the grandfather clock. Just run in, grab it, and resite. What could go wrong?
bulletIancurtis jumps Slick
bulletYou attack an invisible Warlock, lose all your magic and he is invisible, and yet you win? Jammy! Or is that Spammy? Silly old Slick!
bullet Zedar says
bullet *Should learn to QQ*
bulletSpam is the real killer
bulletOr don't assume you are about to win!.
bulletAnother bash
bulletThis one is not really what you would call a close call.
bulletBash report - but is it a mobile or a mortal bash?
bulletThe mortals killed all the mobiles, but revenge was handed out in some pretty hefty doses.
bulletTimeo venefici et dona ferentes
bulletOr beware of wizards, even (especially?) those bearing gifts.
bulletSabretooth dies.
bullet A death log - what single creature could possibly kill a mage with 6 wafers and assorted goodies? No, not the dragon. Read on, and Sabretooth will show you.
bulletAkira's coming!
bulletA fight log - one to show it takes stamina too to fight, because this was definitely a long one. Thanks to Wiley and Akira for agreeing to me using this. Look out Wiley, Akira's coming ta get cha!
bulletKitten Tickles Tickleme to death.
bulletAnother fight log - this one is about 250k but has already been cut to the best bits - so if you are on a slow connection - apologies! It serves to demonstrate several things, one of which is the delight taken in urging player v. player interaction by immortals. So, Kitten tickles Tickleme to death. For those of you that don't recognise the name, Kitten's identity was revealed in this Muddled Times interview.

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