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Bash reports the Hawumph way

Bash analysis - Thursday 15th May 2003

Crowley the warlock says "so, um".
Crowley the warlock asks "not a success?".
Karya the melancholy witch asks "Have you seen the obit?".
Karya the melancholy witch chuckles.
The following players have died in fights this reset:
        Corwin the superhero, killed by the cow0,
        Gilgamesh the protector, killed by 4 goblins,
        Zp the protector, killed by the giant3,
        Gilgamesh the bash-general hero, killed by 2 giants,
        Zp the protector, killed by Gilgamesh the bash-general hero,
        Zp the protector, killed by 2 giants (10 times),
        Radez the protector, killed by the giant3 and the goblin33,
        Nemesis the bash-general warrior, killed by the giant1,
        Radez the swordsman, killed by 2 giants,
        Nemesis the bashing sorcerer, killed by 2 surly dwarf guards,
        Lancelot the swordsman, killed by 6 crows,
        Gilgamesh the prelate, killed by 6 crows.
The following have died to FODs from mortals this reset:
        Hatesyou the bash-general warlock, violently disintegrated by a failed attempt
to FOD Hatesyou the bash-general warlock,
        Rio the sorceress, violently disintegrated by a failed attempt to FOD Rio the
The following non-first-game players have died to the touchstone this reset:
        Dennis the bashing superhero, short of luck by 67.6%.
----*Crowley the warlock giggles.
----*Corwin the protector says "depends on what your goal was".
----*You hear a loud THUD, as Crowley the warlock walks into the wall.
----*Crowley the warlock asks "was it to get to 50 mobs left alive?".
----*Corwin the protector says "if you were trying for the worst bash ever, then a success".

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