Resite Fail


Resite Fail
Learn to quit
Bash Failure
Dona Ferentes
Sabretooth dies
Akira's coming!
Tickle me.


There's a warlock hunting you, but that's ok, you spotted some kit in the grandfather clock. Just run in, grab it, and resite. What could go wrong?
Hisoka the necromancer
(Rapscalion the mage)
Ahti the magician
e.s.op gfc.enter it
Lounge bar.
An old, dignified, grandfather clock ticks away unobtrusively, its case
closed. A small, upright piano stands by the wall. A large, welcoming
fire is burning merrily in the hearth. A travel brochure has been dropped
over to one side. 
The grandfather clock opens at the front, widely enough for you to
Inside grandfather clock.
The grandfather clock is ticking, unobtrusively. 
Tangled garden.
Sprouting through the weeds is a pretty alyssum. 
Overgrown garden.
A wicked-looking dagger has been dropped here. An open, sturdy cardboard
box stands here. A beautiful, iridescent firestone (firestone1) glows
nearby. Growing close to the edge of the garden is a beautiful asphodel.
Flowering before you is a legendary amaranth of great beauty. 
Amaranth picked.
Asphodel picked.
Firestone1 taken.
Cardboard box0 taken.
Dagger0 taken.
Your spell works!
Classical ruin.
Gazing in your direction is a slow, pavonine-skinned basilisk. Standing
here is a lifelike statue (statue2) of a woman. 
You catch one glance of the basilisk, and suddenly feel rooted to the
spot. Your joints seem to seize up and freeze in place, and you feel a
penetrating coldness creeping through you. All too late, you realise in
horror that you are turning to stone! Seconds later the irreversible
process is complete.
(-2,134 = 104,203).
Dagger0 dropped.
Cardboard box0 dropped.
Firestone1 dropped.
Asphodel dropped.
Amaranth dropped.
Umbrella dropped.
Foot dropped.
Cardboard box1 dropped.
Scarab dropped.
Axe0 dropped.
Overall, you lost 2,129 points this game.

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