Hawumph's Charts, a randomly updated collection of weekly facts and scores, and the odd funny sighting, from the mudii.co.uk incarnation of a game that I have played for so long, I forget when I started. At least 14 years now though.
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Time to flee? click here for...
Time to flee. Or not. Up to you.

. Crowley just completely
  leaves me speechless here.
  So it is his commentary, not
  mine, that guides you through
  another episode of Crowley,
  Not Updating Persona.
Give me a warlock! click here for...
Give me a warlock, or give me death.

. Crowley proves that there's more to life than just efers. I mean
  wfres. Or wufers? Oh what the hell are those little things called?

A scene from The Birds. click here for...
It's like a scene from The Birds.

. Crowley outdoes Apeomancer,
  producing a crow20 from thin
  air. And being funny doing it.
  Way to go Crowley.

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