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A birds eye view of Chronic's (mis)fortunes.

bulletGame over, man.
bulletSniffle. No more silly moments. Maybe one day we can get a back catalogue up, but for now, this is the final moment. Corwin, its been fun to watch.
bulletNicodemus, vaporised.
bullet185k nearly, and you're fighting a mage, worth enough to push you over the threshold and into the warm bosom of the wiz community. You are winning! Just one problem, your opponent won't take losing lying down!
bulletWhen is a well timed flee a mistake?
bulletWhen its not followed up with a quit! Corwin the sorcerer has a small accident with the vampire. And a bigger one with Chronic the necromancer.
bullet Let me allow Corwin to introduce this one in his own words.
This log is from when me and Marie the warlock were trying to do an impromptu bash, Corleone the hero was being a pest, so I decide to attack him, with bad results!

1st June - update - after admitting in June's Muddled Times that it was him sent this to me for my old web site, I feel it only fair to share with you a picture of Corwin. Nice towel!


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