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A true story.

Once upon a time, Lexley wrote a mud related web magazine called Witch?, for the wireplay mud scene. In one issue, I think it was issue 3, she did a list of translations of Wireplay Wiz names. At the time I was doing stuff for the ABC (mud2.com's mag) and asked if she could do some for us. Her answer was as always lengthy and informative. Here is the main bit, over a couple of e-mails. Bear in mind I was a mage at the time, and had in fact had a long string of mages. Not sure how appropriate what she came up with was, but it made me laugh. Oh and Lexley, if you are still out there, or if anyone knows how to get in touch, mail me and say Hi? Click here to mail me <g>

>so would you do for me a list of translations for the Mud 2 newsletter
A list of translations of mud2 wizzes' names? But there must be 50 of them! And I don't know anything about them. If there's not much choice between syllables then a translation is fairly easy, if limited. But if there's a lot of choice, then I'd need to know more about the person I was translating for so I could make it appropriate. For example, the name I eventually got for Turrican (mud2.com's Gromit) is spot on, but I couldn't do that for mud2.com wizzes in general because I don't know enough about them to have an opinion.
You could probably do a better job yourself by looking up syllables in the dictionary I link to at the end of the article. I guess I'd have to check the pronunciation for you though, mm, that might mean you'd spent a lot of time on names that weren't phonetically correct.
I can try, but those 30 or so names I did for Witch? took me several evenings to finish. Each name takes 15 to 20 minutes. It'd be a week before I could send you the 50 for mud2.com .

>- and if you wont do the others i BEG you to do Hawumph for me please <g>
OK. Well there's a number of ways to split up "Hawumph", which gives me some artistic licence. I'll go for "hao" (pronounced "how") "wu" (pronounced "oo") "fa" (pronounced like in "father"). I could choose to insert a "ma" (pronounced "ma"!) if that gave me a better overall meaning, but if I do it this way I get:

hao3 = good
wu1 = wizard
fa1 = to become

If you want to see what that looks like in Chinese characters, they're
hao3 http://www.chinalanguage.com/cgi-bin/char.cgi?597D
wu1 http://www.chinalanguage.com/cgi-bin/char.cgi?5DEB
fa1 http://www.chinalanguage.com/cgi-bin/char.cgi?767C
That last one is the old-style character. If you want the new-style one they use in mainland China, it's http://www.chinalanguage.com/cgi-bin/char.cgi?53D1 .

>If that really IS the translation (i'll look it up) then my faith in eastern wisdom is shaken :-)
It's just one of many possible translations. That's where the art lies - in picking the translation which is most appropriate. I could, for example, have chosen:

ha1 = breathe out (with mouth open)
wu1 = crow
fa4 = hair

But "exhale crow hair" isn't really very good. I went for what I felt was a reasonable description of you. I can't always do that - some names just don't have the syllables to worth with - but in your case I could.


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