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Tales from my everyday working life.

Silly Stories.

1) I paid you to fix this and .......................

A very nice lady came in to the shop, and told me a tale of woe regarding her computer. We got it booked in, agreed what needed doing, agreed timing and a price. All was well.

Then on the following Saturday morning she came storming back in. "I paid you to fix my computer, I turned it on for the first time this morning after my husband collected it and it doesn't work and I want to know what you are going to do about it" she exclaimed in a rush.

Slightly flummoxed, all eyes turned to her PC, which was sitting in the "To be collected" section. "This computer madam? I'm afraid your husband didn't collect it. Would you like to take it now?"

Apparently this was inconvenient, as she left the shop rapidly. Presumably to have a word with said husband. I can only assume that turning on the PC involved pressing the keyboard, because otherwise the lack of power switch or associated general PC'ness should have been obvious.

2) The CD-ROM doesn't work.

A customer arrived, saying that they had been told by their Internet Service Provider that to get online they would need a modem (which they already had) and a CD-ROM drive.

We fitted the CD-ROM and away they went. Only for the son to return next day saying the CD drive did not work. We checked it out for hours, it worked perfectly. So they took it away later on, and, you guessed it, returned next day. It definitely did not work!

THIS time, it was suggested they watch whilst we tested it. We plugged in the PC, pressed the eject button, popped in a CD and .......

Well comments like "Oh you put things IN it!" are guaranteed to throw you. What the ISP meant was "you need a CD-ROM drive to install the software." What the customer heard was "you need a CD-ROM drive to get on the internet". And assumed merely having one would automatically let them get online.

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